How ‘bout a tease of some upcoming projects?

Polyroll Stage 1 Video!

Polyroll Update

Big update on Polyroll! Screens, enemies, and synopsis!

The Game’s villain, Kaiser Kiwi!

Kaiser Kiwi, the villainous fowl that Polyroll must stop. Kaiser Kiwi was raised by vicious hawks, but was always frustrated by his lack of wings, and inability to catch and devour his prey like his hawk friends and family. He instead developed his brain, and created a winged suit, now he’s taking his anger out on the Polyrolls. He’s taken them hostage in his frigid castle lair…

And of course he has plenty of minions:

Polyroll will be available for iphone, ipod touch, and ipad Late July/Early August!

Next Game…

I’ve started on my next ios game. It’s called Polyroll. Pronounce however you like.

Clash Force Trailer!

Levels Finished

Last night I completed the final stage/boss of Clash Force. Now comes the boring stuff like polishing option screens, getting the save feature implemented etc. But the game is on schedule!

And here’s a new screenshot.

Screens of Clash Force! Coming Q1 2012.